COVID-19 Special Pool Rules
Posted on May 29th, 2020

The Pleasant Point pool will be opening on 5/30/19.  Here are the guidelines for use of the pool during COVID-19 social distancing restrictions.  
The pool is for use by Pleasant Point Residents Only! You must sign in before entering the pool and adhere to the 2 hour time limit. Each person should use hand sanitizer or wash their hands with soap and water before entering the pool enclosure. When you enter the pool area you are using the pool at your own risk. Pleasant Point Plantation is not responsible for your health and safety.
All activity at the pool is being recorded by security cameras and can be used against anyone who violates the rules of the pool which are posted on If any scheduling problems arise at the pool due to full capacity and cannot be solved by the honor system, you may contact a member of the pool committee form the list posted on the clubhouse back deck door.
8am-10am M-F Pool open for “at risk” population (55 years +)
10am-8pm M-F Pool open for general population 9am-8pm
Sat-Sun Pool open for general population
Arrival and Departure
Members must sign in at the Pool Sign-in Station which will be located on the ProShop side. The pool will be limited to a capacity of 24 people and we ask that you comply with Social Distancing Guidelines of 6 feet per section. Markers have been placed in sections according to the Social Distancing Guidelines by the pool committee and they must not be moved. You must bring your own chairs. All personal belongings must be removed from the pool enclosure upon departing. Any items left unattended in the pool area will be discarded at the end of each day.
Time Limit and Guests Limits
There is a 2 hour time limit per visit. Members are limited to one local guest per visit and a maximum of 5 in their party per section. Members who have out of town visitors staying in their home may have more than one guest with a limit of 5 in their party per section. We will be using the honor system and expect all residents to comply with the time limit if the pool is at capacity you must vacate at the 2 hour limit, however if the pool is not at capacity you may stay longer.
During this pool season it is imperative that Members follow the guidelines listed here and the pool rules that you signed when your key fob was issued. If you are sick with a fever do not come to the pool. If a member or members are found to be non-compliant it will be the duty of the BOD to enforce the necessary action to assess a fine and or revoke member pool privileges.
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