Covid - 19 Pleasant Point Update
Posted on Mar 24th, 2020

  1. The Clubhouse is now closed to everyone. All social gatherings, card groups, and other group events have been canceled until further notice. 
  2. The golf shop and golf course will remain open.  
  3. The Fitness Center is also closed. 
  4. We will not be opening the pool on April 1st. The CDC and DHEC have reported that Covid-19 cannot be transmitted in pool water. We are concerned that with Governor McMaster’s press conference yesterday where he discouraged groups of 3 or more. That would mean that we would have to control how many would access the pool. Even though the virus cannot be transmitted in the pool water, it can be spread on pool furniture, railing, ladders, and gates.  
  5. We will leave the pickleball and tennis courts open but strongly encourage everyone to practice social distancing.
We are in this together. The health of your neighbors and friends depend on us working together collectively as a community. Please take this pandemic seriously.   
We are all looking forward to the day when things get back to normal. We all hope that the day will come soon! Until then, stay home, enjoy walking around this beautiful neighborhood, your yards, and getting some much needed work done around the house. (I know I can’t believe I typed that..)  
Your Pleasant Point Board of Directors
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