Causeway Improvements
Posted on Nov 9th, 2017

The work that is underway on the Causeway has created quite a stir. We would like to set people’s minds at ease. 


What you are seeing is not a finished product by any means.  There are decorative grasses that will be planted on both sides of the Causeway. When these grasses mature, the posts will blend in nicely. The height of the posts seen right now is not the height of the finished product and it will not be a fence. 


This Causeway project has been discussed at just about every Quarterly Board meeting and Town Hall Meetings for at least two years now. The plans were available for review by anyone who wanted to see them. The actual Landscape Plan was designed by a registered landscape architect back in February of 2015. 


The Grounds Committee has for the past few years put hours of research into this project. There were engineering studies done and county approval received.  After a final review by the Causeway Committee, options were presented and the Board voted on a final plan. 


Please bear with us as we proceed to get to a finished product that we feel will be aesthetically pleasing. 


Others issues addressed to the Board:


  • Posts have multiple purposes. Protection of the plantings and irrigation system from vehicles veering off the road to avoid slowing down for another oncoming vehicle.  Posting also affords us the ability to install some lighting which is currently being researched.  Curbing was also considered but rejected as cost prohibited.  


  • Gravel was recommended as a replacement for mulch for the additional benefit of storm water drainage.  The use of regular turf grass was rejected by the County.  


  • Width of our Causeway is the same width as Pleasant Point Drive from Brickyard to the Gazebo.  
  • Rip-rap on the four corners is to mitigate storm water erosion.  Plans to fully rip-rap the causeway were considered as the water in the ponds surrounding our causeway is controlled by our rice trunks and it is not subject to tidal change.  Therefore, we opted for the modified rip-rap.  


  • Many different planting options were considered.  Three different species of decorative grasses will be planted.  Plantings other than decorative grasses were rejected by the County.  


Please bear with us as we move forward with this project which we feel will be aesthetically pleasing.