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Our History:
Pleasant Point Plantation is a private residential community located on the North end of Lady's Island in Beaufort, South Carolina. Pleasant Point is made up of 379 home sites, all privately owned and located on 430 acres. The property has an eighteen hole golf course known as The Landing at Pleasant Point Golf Course.  The community borders the Beaufort River and Brickyard Creek, both part of the Intracoastal waterway. 

The community contains natural areas, beautiful vistas, and abundant wildlife.  Residents and visitors enjoy the many lakes, ponds and marshes.  Deer, water fowl, rabbits, river otters, alligators and a wide variety of wild birds can be found throughout the neighborhoods.  The surrounding waterways contain dolphin, shrimp, oysters, crab and saltwater fish. Pleasant Point is a true paradise. 
Research into the history of Pleasant Point and the succession of ownership can be confusing with conflicting versions available to the reader; especially concerning the earliest owners.  For instance, some sources state that "'Tuscarora Jack" Barnwell, an Irishman and Indian fighter owned Pleasant Point in 1701.  Other sources claim that he owned 6500 acres in Beaufort and Port Royal (Unknown, 2016).
The first Charter for the Carolinas was signed by King Charles II in 1663.  He granted authority over the tract of land to eight of his strongest supporters.  The eight were known as Lords Proprietors.  King Charles signed the second Charter for the Carolinas in 1665 to include part of Virginia to give the Lords a citizenry to tax.
John Berkley, 1st Baron of Stratton was one of the original eight Lords Proprietors.  His portion included Pleasant Point Plantation.  Upon his death in 1678, his portion of the Carolinas was purchased by John Archdale on behalf of his son, Thomas Archdale.  In 1696, Thomas sold the land to Joseph Blake, a wealthy South Carolina landowner. It is said that Joseph Blake named Lady’s Island for his wife, Elizabeth.  When Joseph Blake died in 1700, his share of the Carolinas was inherited by his infant son, Joseph Blake, Jr. and managed by his mother, Elizabeth Blake until he reached maturity.  Joseph Blake, Jr. sold his share of Carolina to the Crown in 1728/1729.
By an Act of Parliament in 1729, North and South Carolina was owned and managed by the Crown – King George II. (Lewis, 2004-2017)
Dr. James Cuthbert acquired land in Yemassee and Lady’s Island.  He built a plantation on Lady’s Island known as Cuthbert Point; now known as Pleasant Point. “The most that can be learned around here about this old place is that it was a grant of land from the king of England to the first Cuthbert who came to this country.” (Cuthbert & Hoffius, 2009).   His son, James Hazzard Cuthbert I, inherited both the plantation in Yemassee (Castle Hill) and the plantation on Lady’s Island (Cuthbert Point) (Cuthbert & Hoffius, 2009).  The Cuthbert family owned Cuthbert Point (Pleasant Point) until 1750.
The property known as Cuthbert Point changed owners many times and in 1928 came into the hands of Arthur Barnwell, a descendent of Tuscarora Jack. He was born in Charleston and moved North where he became rich in textile manufacturing and on Wall Street.  He returned to Beaufort in the early 1920's and built the "big house" at the end of Pleasant Point Drive as his "playhouse".  Stories of Arthur’s lavish parties kept the Beaufort community entertained for years.  He changed the name of Cuthbert Point to Pleasant Point.  After his death in 1955, Pleasant Point was developed as the semiprivate Country Club of Beaufort at Pleasant Point (Cuthbert & Hoffius, 2009). 
On April 9, 1990, Planned Urban Development (PUD) granted approved to the master plan for Pleasant Point Plantation to include 525 acres, 614 single-family plots and 155 multi-family units (Government, 2017).  With a few minor changes, Pleasant Pont Plantation exists as it did then. 
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